Low-carb diet


Informations of Atkins Diet. I reduced my weight 120kg to 80kg with Atkins diet.


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What's Low-carbo diet?

Low-carb diet is a diet method by R. C. Atkins MD.

At autum of 2000, My weight is about 120kg. A medical doctor suggest me that I reduse my weight. So I have been trying Low calorie(low fat) diet. but, I has'nt good result.

At January of 2001, I found a book about Atkins Diet at a book store. In the book, Dr. Atkins says that I must reduse an intake of carbohydrates.

My weight at the Atkins type low carbohydrate dieting beginning this time was recommended by the doctor at the level of harmful to health (120Kg or less) and tried losing weight. It began to be thought that there was no wonderful effect in the low calorie dieting that had been assumed to be common sense up to now (And, there was a so-called rebound, too), and current common sense was something amusing though it slightly fell for a certain period of time. At that time, "Atkins book" (It is an old edition that I found) was found in the Gug bookstore. It was not able to be told that current common sense was true, and it was not a simple model said, current "Metabolized = calorie" of mechanism of metabolizing the carbohydrate, and I thought the dieting method based on a more correct interpretation ..corresponding.. ..doubt... of course effectiveLike saying in "Ptolemaic theory" and "Copernican theory" is different. Up to now, a lot of fats had been assumed to have to avoid it as for meat and poultry because it had a high calorific value. It arrives at "Low fat dieting" that refrains from fat when only the calorie theory is believed. However, an intake necessary and intimately is secured, and the protein and fat explain to limit the intake of the carbohydrate in the low carbohydrate dieting.

It is 120kg at the end of 2001 when the Atkins type low carbohydrate dieting was practiced. (To our regret, accurate at that time, data is none. It is an official value. )The weight that was fell up to 80kg or more now (January, 2005). "Fat resolution/Ketorshis" occurs and it falls on weight and. It is more excellent before the physical condition also loses weight. (These are different things according to Dr. Atkins though Ketorshis's being confused with Ketoashidorshis seems to come. )

When the obesity level is high, a considerable effect can be expected of the low carbohydrate dieting.

I think it is dieting low insulin and even dieting 4・・3・・3 acceptable because it seems that not applying to the above-mentioned is maybe fat so much. Moreover, the carbohydrate is not stopped, and not being possible to succeed because of the low carbohydrate dieting recommends the Heller doctor)(for low carbohydrate addict the low carbohydrate dieting (reference literature).